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Teeth Whitening & Dental Veneers in Germantown, Maryland

Get the dazzling smile you have always wanted with the teeth whitening services of Dr. James A Vette DDS PC in Germantown, Maryland. Give us a call to see how our family dentistry services can benefit you or for our friendly staff to answer any questions you may have.



Sealants prevent the formation of cavities in permanent teeth. The material is placed over the deep grooves and fissures that form in permanent teeth to help seal out food debris and bacteria that cause tooth decay. This procedure greatly reduces chances of developing a cavity.

The procedure involves cleaning the teeth, roughening the surface to help the sealant stick, and then brushing the sealant onto the tooth enamel. The sealant then bonds to the tooth and hardens. Sealants will be checked at regular visits and can be reapplied if needed.


Teeth Whitening

Get the highest quality teeth-whitening procedures in the area. Our bleaching procedures are customized for each patient. It’s a better system than over-the-counter products, because it’s tailored to your mouth so the bleaching compound is very close in proximity to your teeth. Bleaching procedures can take half an hour to 2 hours, depending on the bleaching agent.



Veneers provide minor corrections in the shape and color of teeth. We offer 2 procedures—white filling material called composite resin and porcelain veneers. Both systems can be used to close gaps. Less expensive white fillings are not quite as long-lasting as the porcelain veneers, and they tend to stain more. More expensive porcelain veneers last longer and tend not to stain.
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