‘Two minutes with your dentist can save your life’

More dentists in Maryland are more consistently taking their patients’ blood pressure thanks to a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and a campaign launched by the Maryland Department of Health.

The grant is funding a pilot program to encourage more dentists to screen patients for hypertension at each visit and refer those with elevated blood pressure to a physician for a follow-up.

With program guidance from the state and local health departments, 47 dental practices have joined the program, screening more than 36,000 patients, said Dr. Debony Hughes, director of the Maryland Department of Health’s Office of Oral Health.

To help raise awareness for the campaign and educate patients, the office of oral health this summer launched a campaign called “Two Minutes With Your Dentist Can Save Your Life.”

Ads featuring the message will run in movie theaters, gas station pump TV screens and targeted cable TV stations throughout the state, said Dr. Hughes.

“We hope that people continue to share this message and ultimately introduce this practice to a whole new audience of dentist and dental patients,” Dr. Hughes said.

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